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Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal and Neem Bath Soap

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Bombay Shaving Company Charcoal and Neem Bath Soap

BrandBombay Shaving Company
Item FormBar
Material Type FreeSulfate Free, Paraben Free
Skin TypeAll
Age Range (Description)Adult
Item Weight234 Grams
Number of Items3
Net Quantity3.00 count

About this item

  • Germs, Bacteria, Dirt and Harmful Toxins? Say goodbye to them all with Bombay Shaving Company’s Neem and Charcoal Bath Soap. Enriched with the antibacterial goodness of Neem extracts and the deep-cleansing power of Activated Charcoal, it helps your skin stay protected from all things bad.
  • The antibacterial properties of Neem extracts in this bath soap help kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, keeping skin infections at bay while giving you all-day freshness.
  • Activated Charcoal works its deep-cleansing magic to help your skin get rid of all dirt and impurities. It pulls out toxins from deep within to clean even the deepest layer and leaves you refreshed every morning.
  • Free from sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals, this bath soap is very gentle on your skin, preventing dryness and irritation. It is made with organic ingredients to minimize moisture loss and keep your skin healthy.
  • So all in all, this bath soap is all you need to purify your skin while keeping it protected. Kickstart your day with this refreshing bath soap and experience a burst of freshness all day.

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